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Article: Child hairstyle ideas for a ceremony?

Des idées de coiffure enfant pour une cérémonie ?

Child hairstyle ideas for a ceremony?

Highlight the beauty of your little girl with an original hairstyle

It is normal to put on your 31 during an important ceremony even for young girls. You have to take out the beautiful child's ceremonial dress and the beautiful pairs of shoes to stand out from the others and to blend in with the bohemian decor. The hairstyle also plays an important role in this preparation. It helps to make an outfit glamorous and stylish. Here are some easy hairstyle ideas to make yourself to highlight the beauty of your princess.

The romantic braid

Braids have been a real hit with little girls regardless of their haircut for a few years now. However, they are generally adopted by girls with typically afro frizzy hair. The romantic braid strongly competes with the wig and the ponytail. It can be done on mid-length hair as well as long hair. This evening hairstyle is perfectly sophisticated to show off your daughter's child tutu dress . To achieve this hairstyle model, you must start by twisting a few strands in order to have the styled / disheveled side of the waterfall braid. Thereafter, you must tie two strands of hair by crossing them. In other words, you will braid your daughter's hair. From the nape of the neck, you just have to braid her hair.

Tie the end of the braid with a lock of hair. You can also use a barrette to keep the braid in place. The romantic braid can be done for parties on all hair types. This little girl hairstyle worn with a child chic outfit vaguely recalls the look of the Snow Queen. Simple hairstyles like this also go well with a procession dress . Use a good shampoo to detangle this French braid. This will also protect hair burned by straighteners, curling irons or hair dryers.

The braided neck

The chignon is a very common wedding hairstyle that has become commonplace. The hair salon has therefore decided to modernize its bun techniques. The braided neck is one of the hairstyles in high demand since this revolution. According to a tutorial given by a hairdresser, you must ask your daughter to tilt her head forward in order to place this long hair on the top of the head. You must then extract a lock of frizzy hair or curly hair located at the back of the head using a fine. Apply a hair cream to protect it before taking two more. Layer these three strands upwards as if to form glued braids. Once done, you are going to make a sophisticated bun like a low bun. Enhance your daughter's head by adding a pretty headband in the same color as the child's tulle dress. You can also place a pretty scarf around her neck for more elegant renderings. Spray vanilla-scented lake on the braided bun to keep your hair perfectly styled throughout the evening.

flower crowns

A flower crown goes well with a communion dress or with a baptism dress . It can be used on wavy hair or on an afro hairstyle. If your little girl likes to have her hair down, you can opt for a cascade of curls decorated with accessories such as a headband, clips or a beautiful flower crown in the same color as her child's asymmetrical dress. You can also turn to the braid crown which highlights straight hair. If you want to add volume to your daughter's thin hair to show off the crown braid or flower crown, you can add extensions. These will also allow a little girl with a short square haircut to change her head. Feel free to use a pretty ribbon to tie a bow on wavy hair

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